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Since, where on the topic of mash-ups, this three part machinima series is very well done be sure to check out all three parts!


For those of you who aren’t familiar with smosh, well its kind of hard to explain, you should click here. Anyway a while ago they released a video called pokemon in real life and just recently they released the sequel, possibly one of the funniest pokemon videos i’ve seen in my life. Specifically at about… 2:36 anyway check it out

This might have been out for a while, but I found it and thought it was awesome. I hope you guys enjoy!

halo part 3

Hey. I really want to go to Pax Prime 2012, in downtown Seattle Washington. It’s essentially like a video game only version of comic-con except not nearly as big. So i was just wondering if anyone knows anything about it, i will also be trying to get tickets to san diego comic con through connections that i do not feel confident to discuss. Anyhow, if anyone that lives near me would like to accompany me to either Pax or Comic-Con, just let me know.. k bro. thanks.

So, a collection of Halo 4 concept art came out and I loved every bit of it. No doubt Master Chief has landed on a Forunner planet, however the plot is not revealed at all. I wonder if the Forunners didn’t actually die. It’s a possibility. The video below displays it very well.

It has been 10 years since the first Halo game was released, and exactly one year ago today, Halo: Reach was released. As a thanks to Bungie for creating a massively impacting game, I figured I’d school all of those who know nearly nothing about it. So, let us begin shall we?

100,000 years ago, a species existed in this galaxy. They were a peaceful civilization. War was nonexistent and was long since rid of. The species was what some would call perfect. Knowledge had become the center of this civilization. They were all united as one species. They were known simply as The Forunners.
But, like many great civilizations, they encountered a sudden and dire threat. An enemy they simply described as The Flood. They first attempted to peacefully rid of this enemy. War was not in their nature. They waited to long to join the fight, and eliminate the threat. It spread to far and wide. The threat was to great.

At first it seemed as if their technology would prevail. But The Flood, feeding on intelligent life, in itself became too intelligent. The odds were stacked against them. Their civilization was on their last thread of hope. Now, only extreme measures would save the Forunners and the inevitable
destruction of the galaxy. The Forunner’s technology was unfathomable. They created the ultimate weapon that would reach all ends of the galaxy. They called it Halo. It would ensure all sentient life in the galaxy was destroyed and thus, starve The Flood. Seven Halo ring worlds were spread into strategic parts of the galaxy. All controlled from one main installation known as The Ark.

Each instillation ready to fulfill its purpose. The rings were activated as planned and all sentient life in the galaxy was destroyed. All was quiet for a limited time. The process to restore the Galaxy had only begun. The Forunners had stored and catalogued all species and had kept DNA samples and even live embryos. The automated process began to repopulate the entire galaxy. Ironically, they had not attempted to make a known effort to save their own species. They had disappeared from the galaxy forever… To be continued