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Greetings nerds!!

So, Today during lunch, at school, the nerds and I somehow ended up spending the majority of our conversation exchanging Star Trek Puns, mainly focusing on how many phrases and words we could infuseĀ  the word “Spock” with. It was pretty terrible, let me say… Im almost positive that I could hear the uterus of every female drying up within 50 miles. It was hystarical. So, before you face-palm yourself, read out list of top Star Trek Puns!

Spock Puns

  • Spocktor Who
  • Dr. Spocktopus
  • ChewSpocka
  • The Hunt for Red Spocktober
  • Spocktologist
  • Spocktavious
  • Spock Block
  • Han Sulu
  • Obi-Kahn
  • Kahn Solo

Thats really all I can honestly remember XD

Guys! Please post more if you can remember!!

Matt Wilson