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Just recently, about 5 minutes ago to be exact, I read probably the funniest thing in my entire life. While on the the website for the hilarious comedy duo, “Paul and Storm”, i came across a page devoted entirely to, get ready….


I must have laughed for probably 5 minutes and i found myself laughing the names of the different foods to myself. These are probably the funniest …(sorry they’re so small)


So, I will gladly make a legit Nuka-Cola bottle for those in the nerd circle who with to bring me a single “Mexican” Coke bottles like the one in the picture. Just, try not to bend the cap if you do bring it to me. No payment is asked for, except the dollar or two it may cost for the bottle of coke. So yeah, just let me know.


Not that many of you would be interested, but I’ve ordered over the past 3 years from a custom Lego provider. They are called BrickArms. They create a massive assortment of weapons for your mini-figure. Not only that, new weapons are coming out all the time. Just recently the guns shown below were released for purchase. You probably don’t want to buy, but just look around at some of the stuff this one guy has made. It’s really impressive. I’ve ordered around $230 worth of product and I still plan to order again.



The new Nike MAGs.

So, Nike decided to make the shoes from Back to the Future 2. They do not autolace however, they do light up. 1,500 of them are being sold on ebay. They are being sold to raise money for the Michael J Fox foundation. The commercial is also exceptionally amazing. I’m not sure what the price is but from the looks of it, it will not be cheap. If you plan on getting a pair, I’d get them soon. These will not last long.

In addition, I decided to embed the video in with the post. Enjoy!

PS: Fun fact: The outside scene of the car time traveling was filmed at The Oaks before they added the outdoor area.