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Hello! Talk about nerd boners…..I mean, look at this cover art for this incredible short from DC’s showcase bin! I was completely blown away! If you are a fan of comic books, the you will LOVE this. It takes a very very classic but yet gritty approach to these characters and retelling of their story.

DC Comics threw together a few, very gorgeously animated and written shorts, along with Superman/Shazam. I wont give away what they are, I wouldst want to ruin the surprise. Both nostalgic fans of the classic Superman and newer comic book readers will defiantly enjoy watching this. It packs a pretty big punch. The fight scenes with Shazam, Superman, and Black Adam are pretty intense. I would most definitely enjoy a  live action movie adaptation, if done in this style. WATCH IT! I’m not going to give too many details away because I don’t want to spoil the fun and I’m also lazy…, yeah…watch it.


Since, where on the topic of mash-ups, this three part machinima series is very well done be sure to check out all three parts!