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And you thought we smelled bad from the outside…

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Yeah, if there wasn’t enough blue in that game, I decided to add some more.


More TARDIS pictures! Can you find it?

I’ll be posting a series of pictures over the next few days (Mostly tomorrow) of pictures with Tardi in them. The thing is you have to find them. First one up is one I like to call Autumn. This is an example of what I do to make it harder to find. But it’l probably be the first thing you see.

Man, I’m on a roll today… By the way, I made all of these…

So, I came up with this one a while ago. I’m going to make one every week relating to DW and the ROFLcopter. MY home-brew meme shall be know as ROFL Doctor. Hope you enjoy!

A possibility? ┬áSince I don’t watch Doctor Who, I can’t say