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616 Episode #1! “Frikin Joss Whedon” check out the newest podcast on the Nerd_Circuit!

Discussions about AvX #1, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and many other series of comics!

“616” The comic-book podcast, discussing all of your favorite superheroes and comic universes! Check us out on itunes! Hosted by Matt Wilson, Steven Canet, and Justn JennettImage


*Note: I will be reviewing every #1 issue of DC’s New 52 Universe:

The Flash:

First of all, Hats off to Francis Manapul (artist). One of the most gorgeously drawn, colored, and stylized single issues I’ve seen in years! One thing that I think makes this comic so incredible done is that the artist (Manapul) is also the writer (along with BRIAN BUCCELLATO). I’m not bashing the writers, but no matter how well artists and writers work together, the artist will always have to adjust and fit their designs to the writers’ preference. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it does limit and dull SOME comics and stories. Sometimes, when that happens, the story and art doesn’t always flow as nicely as anticipated. With Francis Manapul’s “The Flash”, that is for sure, not the case at all. As the writer AND artist,  Manapul is able to unleash all of his talent, without any restrictions or boundaries to another person’s preferences. Flash #1 flows and reads so well! It really is one of the first times where I’ve really considered the flash as “powerful”.I would kill for a movie adaptation in this style. Every comic book fan can tell you that there is nothing more frustrating than when reading a comic book that has incredible cover art but then really weak art on the inside. Every panel in “The Flash” issue #1 could be displayed as its own cover art. Manapul gives the flash a very unique and retro look to his suit, but yet totally brings his own new excitement and style to the flash, such as the lightning darting across and out of Flash’s costume, along with his new subtle boot and mask redesign. Another thing I enjoyed is that Manapul made Barry Allen into a very likeable character. Let’s face it, the Flash can be a bit of a drag at times. Manapul brings a new, vibrant life to this beloved character. You don’t have to know much about The Flash’s origin before picking up this issue. Francis Manapul does a super swell job introducing the character into a world where he already known who his identity is. I was afraid that this was going to be a very long and boring origin story, but Manapul does a fantastic job of summing it up in less than half a page, along with a gorgeous backdrop of Barry Allen suiting up.    The dialogue was beyond amazing. each panel felt like it flowed seamlessly into the next, creating an almost movie like sense. I very much enjoyed this issue and I very much look forward to reading more in this series and more of Francis Manapul’s work.

Issue #1

Hello! Talk about nerd boners…..I mean, look at this cover art for this incredible short from DC’s showcase bin! I was completely blown away! If you are a fan of comic books, the you will LOVE this. It takes a very very classic but yet gritty approach to these characters and retelling of their story.

DC Comics threw together a few, very gorgeously animated and written shorts, along with Superman/Shazam. I wont give away what they are, I wouldst want to ruin the surprise. Both nostalgic fans of the classic Superman and newer comic book readers will defiantly enjoy watching this. It packs a pretty big punch. The fight scenes with Shazam, Superman, and Black Adam are pretty intense. I would most definitely enjoy a  live action movie adaptation, if done in this style. WATCH IT! I’m not going to give too many details away because I don’t want to spoil the fun and I’m also lazy…, yeah…watch it.





Okay, So, If you are at all like me, then you are constantly thinking about and searching for the things you love most as a nerd expressed in every medium to be integrated into every aspect of your life. Then I believe this band will knock your socks off. The geeks of Kirby Krackle deserve a ton of nerd cred for the catchy songs and nerdtacular videos they make.  You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find a single comic book themed band. But when it comes to Geek/Nerd-Rock, these guys are the experts. Not ony do the members of Kirby Krackle make music about comic books, but they also have several video game themed songs, such as “Vault 101”, referencing Fallout 3, and “Take It From Me” singing about Mega-Man. They truly are phenomenal. If I could only listen to one band for the rest of my life,  Id most likely choose Kirby Krackle. The nerd band from Seattle is comprised of the two main members; Jim Demonako (Drums), and Kyle Stevens (Guitar, Vocals). Their genuine and geeky passion for nerd culture mixed with a lot of talent and individuality, spawned a one of a kind, musical brain-child of pure greatness. Kirby Krackle’s catchy tunes and clever use of humorous comic book culture references in their songs make for a marvelous and super geek-tastic time. One of my personal favorite songs by Kirby Krackle is “I Wanna Live In A World Full Of Heroes”, which rocks out about rounding second base with Power-Girl and kicking super-villain ass with the Avengers, along with other activities a nerd would do if he met his/her  favorite heroes of all time! With song subjects varying about the insane events and reboots in the super hero universes (“Another New Crises”), to a geek meeting his dream girl in a video game store (“Up, Up, Down, Down,”), to a week in the life of Wolverine (“On & On”). Kirby Krackle’s unique, dweeby and incredibly catchy sound supply a quirky and optimistic mood for the nerds who listen.

A possibility?  Since I don’t watch Doctor Who, I can’t say