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So, just got a flickr and I’m going under the same name to keep my identity safe. Anyway, here’s a link to my Lego comics that i’ve made over the year. For all Lego fans out there, I hope you enjoy!

LINK (to the past):


“Shut up and push up your glasses, NERD!”

Yay! Episode 9! Im feeling lazy and I really don’t want to write a description. So, yeah….just listen.

Click the Photo below or link to listen!

Listen: \”Popsicle Sticks & Autobots\”

Download On itunes:

Hope that you all enjoy.

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Hey. I really want to go to Pax Prime 2012, in downtown Seattle Washington. It’s essentially like a video game only version of comic-con except not nearly as big. So i was just wondering if anyone knows anything about it, i will also be trying to get tickets to san diego comic con through connections that i do not feel confident to discuss. Anyhow, if anyone that lives near me would like to accompany me to either Pax or Comic-Con, just let me know.. k bro. thanks.

Greetings, nerds! =D

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