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And you thought we smelled bad from the outside…

Hawkeye/Clint Barton

  Ex-criminal, Superhero, master of Parkour, world’s deadliest archer, smart-ass, and rebel! Hawkeye is such a punk, but in a loveable way! Other wise known as the only living human on earth [EVER] to refer to the Black Panther as “Blackie Chan”. Barton makes Robin Hood look like a complete weenie! What else do you expect from a guy who can take down a team of the governments top gun-men/assassins with just a bow and arrow! Even Tony Stark sometimes has to stop and ask “…really,Hawkeye?…Really!” -___- Clint can be a bit out of control and mouthy most of the time, but gets things done and kick some ass #LikeABoss when he needs to. Alright, Ill admit, at first glance he doesn’t seem that great. Yeah, sure he’s just a guy with a bow. I’m sure you are asking yourself “What is an archer compared to an Asgardian, or Iron Man?” or “Whats with this guy? He doesn’t have any powers!” But there is more to Hawkeye than there would seem. Hawkeye’s archery levels near match the superpowers of his other teammates. Although he does not have super powers, his determination and good heartedness always pull through for him in the end. Not only is Hawkeye is an expert archer, but he is trained in several types of martial arts. As a highly respected agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., Barton gets some pretty sweet perks, such as having his many years worth of criminal records pardoned! Although, that really isn’t something to be proud about. >___> Hawkeye was originally trained by the Swordsman and Trickshot! As a young boy, Clint was orphaned and ended up spending the majority of his childhood preforming in carnivals. As fate would have it, Clint walked in on his mentor (The Swordsman) insidiously sneaking loads of cash from the carnival. But when Clint stood up for justice, it resulted in the death of his mentor. After several long years of running and wandering from carnival to carnival, just barley making enough money to barley survive, secretly preforming under the archer name “Hawkeye”, He soon then met the villainous but sexy agent Black Widow. Over several months their relationship grew stronger. Unfortunately Hawkeye’s testosterone and ego became to much for him and to try and prove himself to the Black Widow, he thought it would be a marvelous idea to defeat Iron Man for enjoyment and fame. In his failed attempted to do so, Clint realized what he was meant for greater things. Regretting his decision, he set his goals to convince Iron Man to recruit him on to his team of Avengers. The hot-headed archer did so by breaking into the Avengers Mansion and convinced Jarvis to follow along and act as a victim for Hawkeye to display his skills to the team. After seeing this, Iron Man put a good word in for Hawkeye, and soon enough, he was the newest member in the line-up of Avenger. I am quite curious to see how Hawkeye’s history will be woven into the film! He is one of my personal favorite characters and I am excited to this marvelous Avenger in action!


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