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FF (2011) vs Fantastic Four (1961)


As a huge Marvel purest, I was greatly shocked when I was informed of Johnny Storm’s (Human Torch) death. I immediately though that the Fantastic Four would fall apart. Ive always been an urber fan of the Fantastic Four, I mean, COME ON! THEY WE’RE THE FIRST! They are Marvel’s first-born! The movie franchise infuriated me. I get very defensive over the characters close to my heart. I really feel that the movies deserve a reboot. When I first picked up issue #1 of FF (2011), at the San Diego Comic-Con 2011, at Marvel’s Next Big Thing panel, I was astounded. It completely blew me away! Jonathan Hickman (Writer), Steve Epting (Penciller), and Tom Brevoort (Editor) did a wonderful job capturing the dynamic and weight of emotion displayed in these characters after the death of Johnny Storm. When I was reading it, I really felt and shared the emotion and pain of losing Johnny. The story and dialogue really makes the death feel real and in the physical universe. Each character has been renewed for a new generation of comic book nerds but at the same time keeping the exact same personalities and vibe of the heroes. Spider-Man is a very nice addition to the team, like most comic book nerds, I very much enjoy his character. In FF, the writers establish that Spider-Man isn’t really the Human Torch’s replacement. Spider-Man is more of a buffer and supplies comic relief to counteract the pain and sadness of Johnny. The comic book really reads like a movie. I honestly hope that this series gets its own film. Even if you are a strong fan of the original Fantastic Four, I STRONGLY suggest that you read this. You will be very impressed!


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