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Captain America/”Steve Rogers”

  The Sentinel Of Liberty! The Star-Spangled Man! The First Avenger! The list goes on, but we all recognize the super powered patriot as the iconic Captain America! The man is a legend! During the Nazi invasion back in the mid 1900’s, Stan “The Man” Lee, decided that the good ol’ U.S. Of A. needed a response to the frightening amount of German propaganda being thrown at our faces! Thus, Captain America was born! Steve Rogers! The perfect metaphor for America and her values! the asthmatic, weak, but ambitious art student, Steve Rogers was made of 100% American spirit! His one true dream was to serve his country and do everything he could to do something noble and great! Steve Rogers took part in a scientific event that dramatically changed his life forever! Dr. Abraham Erskine developed a biological formula that would enhance a humans senses, health and physical abilities to “super” human levels. His serum was proven to work, when tested on Rogers, after having him go through several vigorous tests of courage, determination, and integrity. The new “hero to zero” then went off serving his country along with a special units team, The “Howling Commandos”. Among the Commandos, his life long friend, James “Bucky” Barnes stood by his side as Cap’s best sidekick, up until the sad point of his death when Bucky died in an explosion in an attempt to take down  the Red Skull, in the north. In this same attempt, Captain America was knocked unconscious by the powerful impact from the explosion and thrown deep into the cold dark arctic trenches. Preserved deep in the ice in a hibernation/coma-like state, the Captain remained frozen and unfound for several decades, until found by S.H.I.E.L.D. But that’s not all! Once found by S.H.I.E.L.D., and having his heart broken after hearing that the world he new was gone, the lost patriot was befriended and warmly welcomed onto the Avengers team. Steve Rogers adds a classic superhero feeling to the Avengers. The Avengers can always count on him when times get tough. He always stays true to his strong morals and in a sense is the the hero that the Avengers look up to. I look forward to seeing Chris Evans play different sides of this character. Although, I am not sure if Evans will be able to capture Captain America’s ability to show the strength to lead a team that big. Captain America has always had a powerful and large presence in the comics. It will be very interesting to see how this is portrayed in the Avengers film along with focusing on many other aspects of Cap. One aspect I hope that is touched upon is what person conflicts that Steve has to face, along with saving the world and simultaneously adjusting to the fast paced nature of today’s society. Captain America’s outfits are nerdtastic! I was given the honor of seeing them presented at the Marvel booth at SDCC’11 (San Diego Comic Con 2011) this year! I enjoy both suits, but the Avengers one was just mind blowing! I was very satisfied in the way both American flag shields were used in the Captain America film. I really enjoy the character of Steve Rogers. I believe he is a noble American, brave and courageous solider, and really the “Hero of Heroes”.


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