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And you thought we smelled bad from the outside…

As most of you know, i am a huge mass effect fan. Everything from stoned elephant like Elcor, to the private squidlike volus. The thousand year old genophage, and the resulting rivalry between the Krogan and the Turian. So you can see how excited i was when i saw the first images of Mass Effect 3.

Mass Effect 3 is going to be a game of epic proportions, with hundreds of variables carrying over from the decisions you made in the beginning of the original mass effect. Some choices made in the original mass effect, that had no consequences in ME2, will have an affect on ME3. Most likely the most significant decisions/ actions were:

Relationships: It has been confirmed that no new characters will be available to pursue a relationship with so that means, that if you pursued a relationship with Ashley or Liara in ME1 and remained fateful to her during ME2 you can expect to h

ave a relationship with her in ME3. On the other hand however, if you pursued a relationship in ME1, and pursued a relationship with someone else in ME2 (aka cheating), expect to have that relationship sealed off.

ME2 Suicide mission/ ME1 Endgame: Most of the characters and Squadmates will return based on whether or not you kept them alive during the suicide mission through the Omega 4 relay in ME2. Also, based on actions you took on Virmire in ME1, (SPOILER****) either Kaiden or Ashley will not be returning, and if you managed to solve the conflict with Wrex without killing him he returned in ME2 and is confirmed to be a non-squadmate character in ME3.

I cannot explain how excited i am about this game. It is the first time in my memory that a game has been so immersive, and integrated between 3 complete games. I have already pre-ordered the Collectors Edition of ME3 and i expect to see you all online. 3/6/12

Grant Bubar


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