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The Incredible Hulk /”Bruce Banner”

The incredible Hulk! One of the more intense and aesthetically  stunning members of the Avengers. The Hulk has many different layers as a character. Well, Two characters really, personalities if you will. It’s pretty obvious that the hulk is a metaphor for the struggle of having and dealing with anger and man’s animal nature. A similar theme to the classic story of Dr.Jekyll & Hyde. One thing that I really think is extremely captivating about the Hulk is that his strength is directly connected with his anger, which sets the sky as the limit! This makes him a vital member of the Avengers because he usually is the only hero who can take down some off the bigger baddies, like Gravaton, or survive through harsh conditions of another dimension or extreme amount or lack pressure. One aspect that emphasizes the amazing-ness of him is the comparison in personality, size, and mightiness to his alter-ego, Bruce Banner. Bruce was at first a very scrawny, small, frail, mild-mannered scientist. As scary, ugly, and terrifyingly monstrous the Hulk can be, I feel he is also  one of the most easy to love because he is a very relateable character. Ironically, he is one of the very few heroes that has a soft spot in people’s hearts. The Hulk adds a very strange dynamic to the Avengers. In a way, he pulls the team apart a bit. The Avengers always have to be on their toes and keep a tight leash on Bruce the majority of the time, as in “Road To Civil War”, when they have to jettison the Hulk into space in a satellite to protect himself and others. This tension does add more excitement to the comics. Like I stated before, I very much enjoy the banter that is exchanged between the avengers. Hulk and Thor constantly bash each other, both physically and verbally. Having this tension present in the movie and comics between the characters will create a more believable and realistic atmosphere for the audience.


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