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Thor Odinson “Dr.Don Blake”

Thor as well, is a very loveable character! He’s pretty much a TOTAL BEAST! The film was far beyond my wildest expectations. However, I do think that the effects of the Frost Giants and such could have been done a lot better. Nevertheless, it didn’t diminish the experience or story for me in anyway. Kenneth Branagh really made the characters feel new, fresh, deep and revamped, but at the same time keeping the character grounded in their own classic roots. Thor’s personality was captured to a tea! I couldn’t praise Chris Hemsworth anymore for such an incredible job he’s done taking on the character and really becoming Thor himself. Along with Iron Man, Thor was also a founding member of the Avengers. One thing that I most love about the Avengers, that I think Thor, along with Hulk, brings to the table is his “larger-than-life” ego! I just love the banter and tension that is created between this arrogant, loud God and the monstrous green n’ mean Hulk! It’s great to see the characters that I love most and look up to, “nerd-rage’ and poke each others buttons, if you will! Seeing these legendary heroes act like children has always been a nice dynamic created in the story of the comics. Another thing I very much enjoy about the Avengers, that I think is quite unique and, I believe that Marvel was the first to establish  in fictional/fantasy/sci-fi stories is that the dynamic of how the characters interact very much is effected by the story. I was quite impressed also with Thor’s outfit in the movie. When my friends and I first heard about the Thor film, we were quite skeptical on how Marvel Studios would design a realistic cosmic-y  outfit, yet at the same time keep the classic look of Thor. We all were blown completely away! I did enjoy the helmet, but I do think that Chris Hemsworth’s look works better without it. I do believe that in the Avengers, Thor gets a new look. Not a whole lot has changed on his costume except that he is now sleeveless and his costume is accented with maroon. Very stylish and amazingly brought to life in a magical way.


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