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And you thought we smelled bad from the outside…

Hey there, Marvelites!! Over the next several weeks, I will be posting my reviews and nerd excitment of all the Avengers and villians featured in the upcoming film, this may. I hope everyone enjoys them!

So, I’m pretty sure most of you comic book geeks out there, along with myself, are uncontrollably excited for “The Avengers” movie, premiering May 4th. In my opinion, Its going to be fantastic! My good pal, Steven (Canet) and I have been nerd-spewing about it for about 11 years now. The Avengers, along with mostly every other Marvel hero, has (have) been a HUGE influence on who I am. I’m one of the biggest Marvel Comic book nerds ever!#HumbleBrag. Marvel has done such a great job creating heroes that act as very positive role models. I very much am intrigued and fascinated with the way Marvel Comics encapsulates the “human” aspect and conflicts dealt with by their superheroes. Anyway! Enough of me preaching about how Marvel Comics is my savior! Haha! (Which they are)! Lets get to the good stuff, my nerdy breakdown of the “Pros and Cons”, spoilers, pics,opinions,speculation, synopsis, and pure nerd excitement/rage regarding” The Avengers”.

Avengers Assembled Movie Line Up:

Iron Man/Anthony “Tony” Stark


Okay,Lets face it, WHO DOESN’T LOVE IRON MAN!? He’s witty, snarky, handsome, disgustingly wealthy, very stylish, a total genius, and A SUPERHERO, FOR GOODNESS SAKE! ( and lets not forget that his girlfriend is a gorgeous red-head). Iron Man is one of the most important and one of the founding members of the Avengers! Tony Stark, along with Captain America, are the strong binding fibers that keep the Avengers in line and fighting as one team. I’m sure I’m not the only one when I say that chills will crawl down my spine in awe and excitement from hearing Iron Man yell the ever-famous call “AVENGERS! ASSEMBLE!”. As a comic book nerd, I am QUITE EXCITED to get the chance to see the many different “Iron Man” suits that will be used in the movie! My personal favorite is the Mark-V. The red and silver look pretty bad-ass! I was very impressed with the Mark-6. John Favreau did an amazing job introducing the classic triangle style chest plate and Arc Reactor. I’m almost positive that a new armor will be used in the Avengers film. I believe (correct me if I’m wrong), that the new suit is the Mark-7 or Mark 8. Either way, its pretty nice. I’ll do my best to try and post pics of it when I get a chance. I’ve seen it, and I think that the artists and Joss (Whedon) have done an extremely wonderful job bringing this hero to life and really  making him stay a familiar, friendly character, not to mention how well Robert Downey Jr. perfectly fits the part! As much as I love the character, I am a bit concerned with how Marvel/Disney Studios will deal with Tony Stark’s alcoholism problem. I’m sure that is a bit edgy and adult for Disney to be involved with, but I hope it is handled in a way that isn’t to overboard but at least solidified in the fact that even The Avengers have weaknesses.


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