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And you thought we smelled bad from the outside…

616 Episode #1! “Frikin Joss Whedon” check out the newest podcast on the Nerd_Circuit!

Discussions about AvX #1, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and many other series of comics!

“616” The comic-book podcast, discussing all of your favorite superheroes and comic universes! Check us out on itunes! Hosted by Matt Wilson, Steven Canet, and Justn JennettImage


Very funny video I found on the interwebs. Kumail is probably one of the funniest people I’ve ever seen.

Marvel’s “Season One” series, will be a new line of gorgeously painted graphic novels. Each will focus on the classic origin and golden age history of the characters and hopefully bring them into the modern age.  Fans new and old will be able to enjoy the re-telling of these wonderful characters’ epic history!

“Ant-Man: Season One” by Tom DeFalco and Horacio Domingues, will be on sale July, 2012

“Doctor Strange: Season One” by Greg Pak and Emma Rios on sale September, 2012

“Hulk: Season One” by Fred Van Lente & Tom Fowler, will be on sale August, 2010

“Fantastic Four: Season One” by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa & Daid Marquez, is one sale now

“X-Men; Season One” by Dennis Hopeless & Jamie McKelvie, is on sale now

It’s been a fun ride! But unfortunately, Jonathan Hickman’s incredible mega-epic will be ending in the coming months. Can’t believe that over 600 issues of the “Fantastic Four” and 16+ issues of the “Future Foundation” are out! Jonathan Hickman claims that now with AvX, it seems appropriate and the right time to cleanly wrap up the current Fantastic Four series. Dare I say, but Jonathan Hickman has kept the fantastic Four and their story close to the heart of the Marvel Universe, paying credit to the king himself, Jack Kirby. Looking forward to the final issues of this series! Check it out when you can and keep your eyes open for the FF in AvX!


Hickman will be wrapping up “Fantastic Four” at issue #611 and “Future Foundation” at issue #23 this coming October

It has been quite a while since I have posted!
Anyway, IT HAS FINALLY COME! AVENGERS VS X-MEN!! Comic book nerds everywhere will are drooling from excitement! This is just a teaser right now. I will be writing a full article once issue 1 comes out. I will be reviewing each “VS” between heroes!


If you missed issue #0, be sure to check it out on the Marvel Comics App

Well, you always wanted to know...

What your job in star wars would be